Digital Commerce

Maintaining a competitive advantage in today's economy will require your company to leverage new markets, faster time to value in go to market with product offerings and automation that provide convenience for you Customers and less time from you in manually creating orders and providing customer service.

The Insolcloud Digital Commerce capability enables brand owners and sales organizations to use technology as a revenue stream through digital sales channels. Our platform provides a complete User Experience for extracting product and pricing data form an ERP backend system or profiling a product catalog directly on the Insolcloud platform and with just click wise functionality distribute information to external markets and channel buyers and consumers via API's. The solution includes EDI order processing, eCommerce marketplace (Amazon) integration, or your company’s Online Store. Click below to recieve more information.

Sales Data Management

The InsolCloud platform capability includes a sales master data modeling environment for defining essential data context for each transaction set and sales channel. Products, Customers, Orders, Quotation master data can be extracted and loaded form an ERP or CRM backend system or even form a spreadsheet. Contact us now for more details.

Transaction Processing

Our solution is built on a set of dynamic sales transaction micorservices tailored for flexible choreography of process automation and workflow management. We enable Inbound processing of sales transactions from any source via our sophisticated enterprise class integration framework.

Digital Logistics

Insolex introduces our DigitalLogistics capability, a cloud-based solution that enables automation of transportation planning and delivery fulfillment. Our InsolCloud platform uses best-of-breed functionality and technology with the accessibility of software-as-a-service (SaaS), giving customers the deep functionality and ease of use in a low-risk low cost solution.

Digital Logistics Clients can be up and running in as little as 4-6 weeks. This solution allows for allocation of operational, rather than capital, expenditures. Accelerated ROI is made possible because there is no need for an increase in IT staff or infrastructure investments. Larger TMS vendors are either too complex or out of reach of many of today's Shippers.

InsolCloud Digital logistics brings together, the freight carrier marketplace, with the shipper’s back office processes.

The capability also has value add for Freight Forwarders who want the benefit of enterprise class integration and automation with the carrier marketplace.

Freight Carriers who want the same benefit with integration that automatically pulls in marketplace shipments into their own system, where they can evaluate and place bids, all within their own system.

Transportation Planning

Extract Sales and Delivery information from a backend ERP system or load the Delivery details form a spreadsheet. The DigitalLogistics solution creates a "Shipment Order Message" to the Freight Forwarder or Freight Tendering Marketplace and shipment offers are returned for selection and pick up scheduling.

Track & Trace

Once the Load is planned for pick up the DigitalLogitcs solution creates a Shipment record that captures individual LTL stops, stages for FTL loads and even process chain shipments for international freight. Updates from the Carrier are synchronized for effective track and trace of the progression.

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