Integrated solutions that facilitate the management of your end-to-end operation

“At the end of the day, every company wants to have clear visibility of the entire business, from sales and customer relationships to financials and inventory operations, which is the base to plan and develop the business based on real-time information.”

Angie Subero - Senior Manager of Factory Operations

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business software that manages core business processes such as manufacturing, deployment, sales, finances, and human resources. It employs a system of integrated applications to collect and store data from all stages of an operation in one central repository. Each department within a company is assigned one of these applications, which they can use to interpret the data and provide a real time view of activities from across the company. Because of this ERP is often considered a vital tool for organization that facilitates mistake free transactions, production, and data.

Insolex offers many add ons, enhancements, and solutions for ERP software from SAP and Microsoft. To see details check out our currently offered ERP solutions page.