Build certifiable SAP, Microsoft, or Oracle bolt-ons.

“When premier software applications don't work out of the box the way you do, you need a certified partner bolt-on.”

Juan Torres - Central America Business Developer Manager

When "out of the box" premier software leaves gaps in supporting process requirements we've heard it all. Many clients are faced with the decision to change the business process or modify the software; both choices can have negative impact on cost of ownership.

In most cases the software meets or exceeds expectation, but when it doesn't work the way you do, look for an Insolex bolt-on capability that can resolve gaps in standard software's code base.

Through partnerships with SAP and Microsoft we are able to develop proprietary bolt-ons such as Service Portfolio Management for SAP. These bolt-ons serve a wide range of departments including manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, and analytics. They enhance software's performance and eliminate the risk of changing the business process or modifying the original software.