Our factory model

“Our factory model is built on senior level expertise in managed services and repeatable service fulfillment at a competitive cost model and we guarantee it!”

Carmen Garcia - Global VP of Operations
Graphic depicting the software development factory, innovation center operations, the application lifecycle management factory, and the software implementation factory as interlocking gears. A giant blue gear labeled global intake is shown turning the gears in a counterclockwise motion. The iServ logo is also present and in close proximity to the four interlocking gears.

At Insolex, our factory model is comprised of five key components. They are the iServ portal and the
four service factories (software implementation, software development, lifecycle management, and innovation center). IServ primarily functions as a gateway through which client projects pass on their way to and from the service factories.

The characteristics of our service factories mimic the concept of shared service architecture where services are provided on demand for finite discrete parts of the whole. Each work center maintains a catalog of available pre-developed service units. These units are self-contained and complete work packages, created as reusable units of logic that can be implemented standalone or combined with other service units to fulfill complete end-to-end business functionality.

Offshore, near shore, next door… Insolex global information service factories!

Map of Insolex LLC locations across the world

Our Latin America service factory provides the value of lower cost off shore services in a near shore time zone. The ease of interacting with our subject matter experts gives client teams a next-door experience in response time and collaboration.

Now you can experience implementing SAP on time and on budget with a success guarantee unmatched in today's SAP markets. Our fixed cost-partnering model establishes our responsibility in ownership of time to value in your delivery. You won't have to ponder value in resource utilization or be concerned about budget over runs.