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We're introducing an SAP one2one, "market first", on demand offering. Our iServ brand provides one2one service and support with fast and affordable performance to SAP client user communities through an accessible service intake portal.

Our service portal is comprised of two key features. The first is the My iServ Mentor. The My iServ Mentor is a personalized one2one service relationship with an Insolex SAP Subject Matter Expert. This program aligns our experts with your SAP team members in building knowledge through learning maps, KT sessions, problem solving, and how to instruction.

The other key feature of the iServ service portal is the iServ SME. Our Subject Matter Expert offering provides a dedicated resource for fulfillment related SAP implementation, support tasks, or deliverables with a right now ease of use.


Map of path from knowledge to success

The Insolex iValue business technology assessment service goes far beyond the status quo of traditional advisory services. Our assessment isn't designed to sell you software. Instead, we focus on mapping business strategy to technology enablers and a deployment road map that can deliver value realization to your business and your customers.


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In today's financial industry many banks can digitally transfer account statement data to their customers with electronic bank statements (EBS). These statements contain details of accounting transactions done by the account holder. Most banks use different formats to transfer the data to the customer with BAI, Multicash, and SWIFT being the three most popular. With iStmt this data can be imported from the formatted EBS directly into SAP where it can be read, checked, and processed.


CEM workflow: plan, work, present, critique

Our in the cloud, fully automated, workflow and case management solution provides end-to-end control and monitoring throughout the Clinical Program Management process.

  • Benefits:
    • Leans the Clinical Program Management process
    • Eliminates the hassle of paperwork
    • Safeguards information during the clinical process
    • Ensures confidentiality and Integrity during the clinical externship process

SPM in the cloud

Link between desktop and the cloud

By extending the existing capabilities of Software Portfolio Management, SPM in the cloud takes advantage of the flexibility of managing your projects without major IT investments. With this enhanced solution you can support all your strategies and reduce time, budget, and boundaries. Operating as an incident and change management, resource and capacity planning, and estimation tool SPM will not only improve your management experiences, but also take your business to another level of strategy, organization, and commitment.


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Service portfolio management gives professional service leaders a better view of where potential resource deficiencies, project delivery bottlenecks, or cost overruns could occur. Rely on SAP portfolio and project management software to help link ideas and strategies with project data, workflows, and business processes. Control and innovate projects, processes, products, and services across their lifecycles with tools built to standardize project execution processes and reduce administrative burden.