Software Implementation

Graphic of the Insolex Software Implementation Factory which consists of application configuration, unit testing, functional specification, and documentation.

Insolex provides software implementation services for a variety of business applications developed by SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) work in tandem with the client's team to deploy applications. Not only does the teamwork provide quicker turn around, but also it allows the client to directly engage us at any step of the project.

Our assistance is not limited to projects that we initiate. Our SMEs are able to step in to supply clients with expertise in portfolio and project management, quality assurance, execution and delivery, testing, and go-live.

Software Development

Graphic of the Insolex Software Development Factory which consists of RICEFW development, application development, web development, code inspector, technical specification, SOA development, and reports and dashboards.

The Insolex software development factory provides cost effective solutions for all manner of software development needs including RICEFW design, technical specifications, code development, SOA development, reports and dashboards, web development, and application programming. In addition to these our SMEs are capable of delivering technical implementation support capabilities.

Our SMEs don't allow size to limit their development capabilities. Our software factory manages a range of project scopes from full-scale, custom software development to packaged software bolt-ons. Whatever needs our clients have we provide a solution.

Application Lifecycle Management

Graphic of the Insolex Application Lifecycle Management Factory which consists of system monitoring, installations and upgrades, change management, incident management, and application monitoring.

Most people think managing an application's lifecycle begins at go live, but we know the opposite is true. Good management encompasses all stages of the application lifecycle. We provide our clients with lights on support services for any needs during the development, installation, or post-launch stages of software's (or hardware's) lifecycle. These include system maintenance support and upgrade services, system monitoring and incident management, and network and database administration.

Business Technology Innovation

Graphic of the Insolex Innovation Center Operations which consists of transformation and research, process design and reengineering, industry modeling, and quality control.

In today's industry, businesses are so focused on their practice that they can't see the opportunities around them. That's what our innovation center brings to the table, the ability to step back and view the workings of the industry and spot any opportunities for innovation.

We value this ability and use it to increase value for our clients. Our quality control center monitors our R&D labs to guarantee that any breakthroughs are shared with our other service factories. This methodology ensures best practice and advanced technologies are used to provide clients with the best possible product for the lowest possible cost.

On Premise Staff Augmentation

Team members stacking hands in middle of huddle

Insolex has the resources to connect you to the very best contract IT talent. We draw from our database of qualified candidates to help you find temporary professionals that fit seamlessly with your team and your goals. We have a guaranteed delivery program that removes the risk associated with hiring new talent and gives you the confidence you need to move quickly and achieve measurable results.

Our IT professionals are screened to meet your specific needs - across every skill set and in any discipline, including: web development, software development and engineering, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP development and platform administrators, network engineering and administration, and project management.

Education and Training

Image of keyboard with blue key labeled education and training

Insolex assists in equipping the SAP user community with the skills needed to seamlessly operate their SAP ERP. We provide SAP workshops for final users, consultants, support teams, and help desks, all tailored to our client's needs. In addition to SAP training, Insolex offers other types of training including a wide range of CRM products and Microsoft Dynamics.

Insolex offers the latest technology in clinical case evaluation, control, and monitoring for the healthcare industry with our InsolPAS/ELM Clinical Externship Module.